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Jul 8, 2013 - Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco

Mickey Mouse – you have heard of him. Walt Disney – you have also heard of him, but just how much do you know about him? Not very much, we suppose. That is why you should rent a San Francisco bus and bring the whole family to the Walt Disney Family Museum to learn about the man behind it all – and this will help you to understand his passion and dreams and how the Walt Disney Company became so successful.

Making this trip with your family in a rented bus to the Walt Disney Family Museum will be one of the best decisions you will ever make – especially if you have kids that are still quite young and are pretty familiar with the animated character, Mickey Mouse and friends. In fact, you cannot talk about Mickey Mouse and his friends without associating it with Walt Disney. The Walt Disney Family Museum is a museum devoted to sharing and telling the life of Walt and his family, as well as his business partners and friends and how he became the famous icon that he is today.

Many San Francisco bus rental passengers find it quite difficult to leave the museum – especially when they bring along with them their little ones. That is because there is such a magnetic charm in this museum that leaves the kids wanting to say a little longer and just soak in a little while in the magical “museum” of Disney. For the children, they will feel that it is such a privilege to be in a Disney museum that they may just want to stay there forever! Who knows, the adults may feel the same too, but may not want to express themselves that way in case they look silly.

In the Walt Disney Family Museum, they have different rooms that tell of the different stages of the life of Walt Disney. Photos and videos are displayed throughout the time, and many of them are narrated by Walt Disney himself in which he shares about his family, growing up and how he got into the business. And what is Disney without Mickey Mouse? Therefore, you will also see Mickey Mouse as well as Mickey’s pals that are being displayed in the museum. There are also times where the museum has special exhibits – which make trips to the museum in a rented bus fun and fresh each time.

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